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    a chip off the old block

    Meaning: Someone can be described as a chip off the old block if they are very similar in character to one of their parents, usually their father.

    another string to your bow

    Meaning: If you have another string to your bow, you have another way of making a living.

    a matter of life and death

    Meaning: If something is a matter of life and death, it's extremely important and it could involve someone's survival.

    the moment of truth

    Meaning: The moment of truth is a time when the truth about something is revealed, or when an important decision is made.

    zero-sum game

    Meaning: A zero-sum game is a situation in which any gain by one side or person is at the expense of a loss to another side or person involved in the situation.

    dig your heels in

    Meaning: If you dig your heels in, you stubbornly resist something or refuse to change.

    quick on the uptake

    Meaning: If you are quick on the uptake, you're smart and you can understand things quickly.

    down to earth

    Meaning: If someone is down to earth, they are practical and sensible.

    steer clear of

    Meaning: If you steer clear of something, you don't go near it because it could harm you or cause you a problem.

    the back of beyond | the back of the beyond

    Meaning: You can say a place is in the back of beyond, or the back of the beyond, if it's very far from towns or cities.

    face the music

    Meaning: If someone has to face the music, they have to accept the consequences of doing something wrong.

    can't see the wood for the trees

    Meaning: If you can't see the wood for the trees, you can't see the whole situation clearly because you're looking too closely at small details, or because you're too closely involved.

    for the time being

    Meaning: If something will be the way it is "for the time being", it will be that way for a limited period of time only.

    wide of the mark

    Meaning: If something is wide of the mark, it isn't true or accurate, or it misses the target.

    back to square one

    Meaning: If you have to go back to square one, you have to stop and start again, usually because something isn't working as well as expected.

    get a look in

    Meaning: If you get a look in, you get a fair chance to do something.

    (something) escapes you

    Meaning: If you say something escapes you, it means you can't remember it.

    a narrow escape

    Meaning: If you have a narrow escape, you survive a dangerous situation, but only just.

    a blessing in disguise

    Meaning: You can say something is a blessing in disguise if it appears to be bad at first, but it results in something very good in the end.

    a flash in the pan

    Meaning: You can say something or someone is a flash in the pan if they're popular or effective for a short time only.

    a ballpark figure | a ballpark estimate

    Meaning: If you give a ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate, you give a number which you think is fairly close to the actual one.

    keep something in mind

    Meaning: If you keep something in mind, you remember some information or advice and consider it at some time in the future.

    get it off your chest

    Meaning: If you get it off your chest, you tell somebody about something that's been bothering you and you've been thinking about a lot.

    take something the wrong way

    Meaning: If you take something the wrong way, you misunderstand what someone says and think they're being critical when they aren't.

    It's written all over your face.

    Meaning: If you say "it's written all over your face", you're saying that the expression on someone's face is showing their true feelings or thoughts.

    the ins and outs

    Meaning: If you know the ins and outs of something, you know all the details about it and understand how it works.

    a pain in the neck

    Meaning: You can say someone is a pain in the neck if they annoy you, or something is a pain in the neck if you don't like doing it.

    an even break

    Meaning: If you get an even break, you get a fair opportunity to succeed in your ambition or to achieve your goals.

    keep your nose clean

    Meaning: If you keep your nose clean, you stay out of trouble by making sure you don't do anything wrong.

    above the law

    Meaning: If someone is above the law, they are not subject to the laws of a society.

    an even break

    Meaning: If you get an even break, you get a fair opportunity to succeed in your ambition or to achieve your goals.


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